Avoid Spending Time Setting Up Jest For Your Projects & Follow This Quick Setup

A Walkthrough On How To Setup Jest Quickly With ViteJS, React, & TypeScript

Reasons To Not Waste Time With Setup

This came when I was trying to setup a new project while doing some pair programming with some developers on Developer DAO. We wanted to test some Jest unit tests with a wallet interactions (coming soon), and found that we spent way more time trying to setup Jest than actually…

How To Take Your Web3 Solidity Contract With Hardhat & Create A Docker Image With The Local Deployment — Full Walkthrough

Containerize Your Hardhat Solidity Localhost Contract

What We’re Building

This is a full walkthrough, understanding errors, explaining different steps and strategies, on how we’re going to build a Docker image that holds and runs a Hardhat Solidity contract on localhost.

I go in depth as much possible on this article, so that you fully understand the different steps, but…

Getting TypeScript Gatsby To Work With Environment Variables At Docker Run Time

Getting TypeScript GatsbyJS To Work With Environment Variables At Docker Run Time

What Is This?

If you haven’t read the problem and solution of the regular GatsbyJS version, I recommend you check out the original article.

This article will focus specifically on setting up the same environment but with TypeScript support.

Setting Up Our TypeScript Project

Using the Gatsby CLI, we’ll create a new project.

gatsby new gatsby-ts-env-vars;
cd gatsby-ts-env-vars;
yarn develop…

Set Up Continuous Deployments With AWS CodePipeline To Elastic Beanstalk Docker

Continuous Deployments With GitHub, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk


If you haven’t checked out the first part of this walkthrough, take a look at the link below.

In this article we’re going to walkthrough the process of setting up AWS CodePipeline to automatically deploy our code from GitHub to our existing Docker environment on Elastic Beanstalk.

We’re going to…

How To Package A NodeJS TypeScript App, Build & Deploy The Docker Image To AWS Elastic Beanstalk

How To Deploy A TypeScript NodeJS App With Docker To Amazon Web Service Elastic Beanstalk


I won’t dive into the benefits of TypeScript, so I’ll assume that you already have a NodeJS TypeScript application that you want to bundle as a Docker image and deploy to a hosting service that supports Docker.

Docker is the main reason.

Docker is the main reason for setting up…

Create An API That Scrapes Amazon.com With ReactJS & NodeJS

Amazon Product Wishlist App

What Are We Building?

Essentially what we are building is a way to ping Amazon.com’s website to be able to retrieve information that we need on products to be able to show on our own frontend.


This is a very simple base to be able to do some interesting things with their affiliate program…

Three simple to advance hacks to writing Postman tests

Three simple to advance hacks to writing Postman tests

Audit Your API

Often when I’m working on a project, or even when I inherit and existing project, the first thing I look at is the API. It’ll give me insight as to how the payload is handled, what status codes to account for, what conventions are being followed, and more.

If you’re…


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