Jun 20, 2020

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Automating NodeJS TS Deployments With CodePipeline To Elastic Beanstalk

Set Up Continuous Deployments With AWS CodePipeline To Elastic Beanstalk Docker

Continuous Deployments With GitHub, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk



Because manually deploying should be deprecated


Configuring Code Pipeline

AWS Management Console — Code Pipeline
AWS Code Pipeline Dashboard

1. Choose pipeline setting

AWS CodePipeline —Step 1 — Pipeline settings
AWS CodePipeline — Step 1 — Advanced settings

2. Add source stage

AWS CodePipeline — Step 2— Source
Giving AWS CodePipeline Authorization To The GitHub Repository
AWS CodePipeline — Step 2 — Source — GitHub

3. Add build stage

AWS CodePipeline — Step 3— Build

4. Deploy Stage

AWS CodePipeline — Step 4— Deploy

5. Review

AWS CodePipeline — Step 4 — Review Part 1
AWS CodePipeline — Step 4 — Review — Create pipeline

Pipeline Initiated

AWS CodePipeline — Pulling From GitHub
AWS CodePipeline — Deployed To EBS

Confirming Deployment

Elastic Beanstalk App — Deploying
Elastic Beanstalk App — Successfully Deployed
Elastic Beanstalk App — App Deployed

See Deployment In Action

Code Change

const ENVIRONMENT = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development';'/', (_req, res) => res.send({ version: VERSION, environment: ENVIRONMENT }));
New Code Deployed

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